Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had a tumultuous first season that picked up once Captain America: The Winter Soldier hit theaters and the actual story kicked in. It was like the series was in a holding pattern until that point. But it did get better towards the end of the first season and maybe Lucy Lawless can help season two be even better.

After successful stints on Parks and Rec, Spartacus, and Battlestar Galactica, the great Xena is signing on but in what capacity? Theories range from Skye’s Mom to a Hydra agent. I guess we’ll find out when season two returns. Or at SDCC. 

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every deleted scene from the thor movies is a treasure and should never have ended up on the cutting room floor

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Tampa Comic Con poster by Julian Totino Tedesco

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Lego Ideas (formerly Cuusoo) is the giant online fan suggestion box that allows at home creators to pitch set designs to the world for support. Those that get enough support, the magic number being 10,000 votes, are reviewed by the company and could be produced should the stars align.

This week’s idea comes courtesy of one of the greatest 80’s movies of all time.

The Goonies is an icon of 1980’s films and it’s coming up on it’s 30th anniversary. Feel old yet? Maybe building The Inferno out of Lego will help you feel better. In addition to The Inferno, there are a series of sets based on other scenes from the movie, any of which would be a blast to build.

If you’re interested in this set and want to show it some support, go to Lego Ideas for more information and to vote.


Saying I’m a fan of Arrow is a startling understatement. It is the best comic book to TV adaptation out there right now and will continue to be once the glut of adaptations hits airwaves this fall. And, after watching the leaked pilot for The Flash spin-off, I have high hopes for the building of the brand.

As always, news about things I tend to care about is rather prolific around SDCC season and Arrow isn’t immune to this. It’s going to be a big year, now that we know The Atom and Katana are coming. And there is a lot in store for other characters, too, according to the Arrow producers who recently spoke with Bleeding Cool.

Laurel and Thea both have massive changes coming their way though the fate of what’s left of the Suicide Squad is still up in the air. And the new flashbacks in Hong Kong should hopefully be a great change up from the usual routine of surviving on the surprisingly populated and easy to get to deserted island.

The SDCC 2014 Arrow panel is still on its way at the point this post was written so there are probably a few more big announcements coming. Nightwing, perhaps?

Well, it’s a while until the new season starts maybe this will tide you over until then. It’s our first look at Roy Harper as Arsenal.

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Batman meets Metalocalypse in a video called BATMETAL. There are no words.

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Cosmópolis Pt.2 Aldo Crusher

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David Mazzucchelli’s original sketch for the Batman:Year One house Ad

Happy Batman Day!

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